About Us

Sophistication Delivered Simply.

Atkinson Ferguson practices law in a wide range of complex areas. Our significant experience with large law firms has helped equip our firm with the expertise and experience on par with the larger law firms in the southeast. Our firm platform, however, allows us to deliver our services in an efficient, effective manner- without the overhead and bureaucracy that often comes with larger law firms. Simply put, we practice big law—sophisticated transactional and litigation services met with the same passion, power and rigor as any large firm in the southeast.

It all begins with where we come from.

Chris Atkinson spent years practicing with a large Atlanta firm, focusing on complex commercial real estate transactions.

Kirby Atkinson has built a state-wide reputation as an experienced litigator and trusted advisor, having led an Atlanta law firm for decades following his time as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia.

Chip Ferguson was a partner with one of the largest firms in Birmingham, and has litigated all types of complex civil matters.